Absoute partner

... but we can't celebrate.

2020.07.13 23:19 womannotmother ... but we can't celebrate.

Parents can celebrate from the start of announcing they're having a baby to anything else that fulfills the societal duty of having children.
But for us, genuine celebrations within ourselves and with partners (even the most minuscule), is absoutely absurd. To dare to celebrate choosing a CF life is selfish and wrong. They take take us celebrating CF life so personally, so much so that I can feel their own personal insecurities/regret bleeding through their criticisms of us. Not all, but many.
It's kind awkward but yeah anyways, misery loves company... nonetheless, I (like many of you) will continue to celebrate regardless. Cheers to being CF.
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2020.07.11 08:44 djorphix Scarcity mindsets.

Lets push the tony robbins crap to one side, many people have been given a shit deal in life in all sorts of ways that were not their fault. There is so much shit going on out there that we can't control that can affect us, the only thing we have control over is ourselves.
If you are a certain race, height, attractiveness, education level, socialability levels, come from a certain family, the number of siblings you had, whether you had cool role models, whether you had a good father figure around, there are all these things that you can quite easily point at and know that it is not your fault, you can say this is because that girl treated me that way or I was brought up by a single mum or I was dorky and short or whatever things. And all of these things absoutely have influence.
The point is, you can either have your story and your limitations or you can have potential and growth, its hard for both to co-exist. I will wallow in self pity sometimes about things I feel are not fair and maybe I will stew on it for a few days, but eventually I have to wake up, firstly I will recognise that its not a powerful position, whether or not it has a legitimacy as a form of truth does not matter as much as whether I can menuovre it to a new type of truth.
This scenario is why you meet women who say things like all men are dirty cheating pigs or men who say all women are gold digging, backstabbing whores who just want attention. Just like any extremist of any sort, they confirm their position to themselves by filtering only for evidence to support their viewpoint and ignoring everything else and then making decisions and taking behavioural steps which reinforce it.
So, you can either have that, in which case you can prove that all women are this, or all men are that, or this always happens to me, or relationships dont work because of that. We have all been guilty of this multiple times in our lives where we repeat similar mistakes with different people and assumed that its relationships in genral don't work instead of asking if our approch or strategy was any good, or asking ourselves if we have enough experience, or asking if they were a suitable partner to begin with.
The most challenging thing for men is to drop their pride and these false ideas that things will sort themselves out, but issues do not sort themselves out, can you get rich by money sorting its self out?. Men who have sexual abundance usually have to work harder for it. We all know women who are expert seducers who can get the types of guys they want and we all know girls who are just friendly and fun and hot who just go out and do things and they meet guys. Thats not me trying to judge whether thats fair or not, its just the way it is.
For all the men who have whatever they want relationship wise, they have learned to come at it from a position that says if I am not getting what I want then I need to readjust what I am doing, I will have to readjust my belief structure to feel ok about changing strategy. High level social operators have the ability to conceptually understand that the world is not fair in so many ways and there are all these layers and restrictions and many of those things are permeable, just through the power of changing how I think and making small adjustments to behaviour enables a totally different world.
Its important not to put all of your happiness on obtaining one thing, you have to learn the social skills and also build an attractive wonderful life for yourself.
I'll leave it there, feel free to add to this.....
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2020.07.09 16:10 Cethian Stop pressuring me into having an orgasm

I don't come when I sleep with people. Not with men, not with women. I just don't. Doesn't mean that I'm not enjoying it, doesn't mean that my partner is not capable, it's juste like that.
And I don't care. So WHY do the others (and the world) do ?
I hate this pressure there is around female orgasms. No I don't have to come every time (nor ever in my case), no I'm not having sex with that purpose in mind. I'm having sex to satisfy a need, to share a moment with someone, to feel a body, skin, warmth against mine. If I just wanted an orgasm, I'm a grown-ass woman and I can give myself one on my own.
I have a complicated relationship with sexuality, I made mistakes in my past, went way too far way too quickly, trusted the wrong people. I dealt with it the best I could but even now that I've moved forward and am much more serene, ther'e still this nagging feeling that something is wrong with me, with my body, that I should enjoy sex as much as anybody else, that I should have an orgasm every time I sleep with someone.
Because I'm repaired right ? I'm with someone who respects me and I absoutely adore having sex with him. And it still doesn't work ?
I hate it. I hate to feel like I'm not a complete woman, I hate to feel ashamed for something I have absolutely no control over. I hate to feel sorry for my boyfriend, like I owe him an apology, because I still don't have an orgasm with him.
And it's not me, it's the others. Because I've come to terms with it and realized that it didn't have to matter if I came or not. But everywhere, in movies, on the internet, while talking with people, I'm met with the fact that orgasm is somehow required and indicative of the quality of your sexuality and just... fuck off.
Sorry this post is a mess, it's just that this has been eating at me and I wanted to let that out for once.
EDIT (update ?) : Thank you all for the comments and for sharing your stories. I really want to answer to all but I'm at work and I'd probably repeat the same sentences over and over so Imma do it just once here and hope that you'll read.
I wanted to vent on this topic that has been on my mind for years now (and got aggravated when I got into that relationship). I'm really glad if this post made some of you feel less alone or weird because for me it definitely did reading your experiences.
Remember, we're not alone in this, we're not weird, we're not broken or wrong. Fuck what society says. Fuck what anyone says. What matters is how you feel, and how your body works. The rest is unimportant.
Funny thing is this post actually sparked a conversation between the boyfriend and I. I told him I was discussing orgasms on Reddit and after a few back and forths he brought the subject on our relationship. I Immediately went into guarded mode but he was extremely supportive and chill about the whole thing. Said he noticed but that didn't take away from the fact that sex between us was awesome (I agree) and he would never put pressure on me even if he was curious and it was something that he would like to share with me. Also told me that I needed to talk to him about these things and to not be scared of him (I'm trying ! Again, very guarded person here).
I'll admit, it took a weight out of my chest. So I'm sharing this here. Maybe this will help some of you and give them the courage to have that talk with their SO if they want to.
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2020.06.21 02:57 Ninerism Truthful tips from an ex-smoker

This might be long, but if it helps just one person I'll be happy. As an ex-smoker, there will be a lot of things you will start to notice after you quit. Smell and taste is one of them. It's true, it gets much better but here's another side to it.
Taste is something you know you will gain and like me, probably don't care. Well attempting to drink coffee with the two teaspoons of sugar I used to have is now sickening. I now only have half a teaspoon if that. Again, you already know this and don't care.
Smell is the one thing that will affect you more. You won't be able to understand how non-smokers tolerated your stink. Seriously. It's smells absolutely disgusting. Don't fool yourself into thinking brushing your teeth or having mints helped. You now smell of a dirty ashtray and mint.
Spraying deodorant or perfume to "hide the smell" doesn't neutralise or hide anything either. You're not clever, your lack of smell means you have overcompensated and you now smell of dirty ashtray and too much deodorant/perfume. Most people are just too nice to tell you.
It's not just your clothes or breath, but your hair, your skin. You won't know how bad until you have quit for a while and then encounter other smokers. You fucking stink.
That person who overreacted and pulled a face with their flailing hand gestures? They aren't overreacting , they're just rude. Have/had a non-smoker partner? Yeah, poor them. It's embarrasing in hindsight.
I'm not trying to be rude. I was one of you for almost 3/4 of my entire life. I knew all the things you know. I read all the material on quitting smoking. I watched all the videos. Many a time I would watch youtube video after youtube video and get motivated only to give in immediately. I loved smoking. At least I thought I did. Either way, I resigned myself to be a smoker for life.
I grew up in a house full of smoke. I had my first puff when I snuck one from my fathers lit cigarette when I was 4. I vomited because I inhaled from the ash end... My point is that I had never known a smoke free home or environment. Even before I started smoking I had always been around smoke and smokers. I can't sit here and say I'm bouncing off the walls with energy like Tigger as it did have some lasting effects on my health which would only have been worse had I not quit when I did. I am however in better shape than I've been for a long long time.

I said there would be tips, so here's what helped me quit.
The effect on others. We all know about the health aspect. We still smoke. Thinking about health isn't really going to help most people. Even if you were told you had cancer, how many could quit right now? You would be more likely to quit if you found that a child or someone close has it. Use that approach when you can.
The monetary cost of smoking and rewarding yourself. When you smoke, you just set aside that money in your head and never miss it. Once it becomes money that was TAKEN from you, things in your head will change.
Work out how much it costs you to smoke, then line it up with things you could have bought yourself with that same money. Ie. 3 weeks no smoking could have paid for X. Make it a goal to gift yourself. Having a tangible reward will motivate you. I wanted a new PC so I made that my goal. I didn't save every cent towards it, I used the money to buy things from time to time too. The perspective you gain even when you KNOW how much it costs helps a lot.
Here in Australia, the prices had gotten absolutely ridiculous. They had increased 900% from when I had started and have increased several times in the 2.5 years since I quit.
I've saved almost 10k AU in 2.5 years.

You are far more mentally addicted than physically addicted. The more you crave it and the harder it gets to resist, the closer you are to being free of it. Your brain is messing with you. Habit is the hardest thing to break. Nicotine is out of your system in 5 days or so. You may think you are still physically addicted but you're not. The more you want to smoke, the closer you are to the day you just don't want one.
I read Allen Carr's books and they did nothing for me. I already knew everything and just didn't care. There was no "wow" moment for me reading them. It was after I quit that something clicked in my head. I used to think that every time I craved a cigarette it was because the nicotine monster was no longer making me feel good as I had been without it and I needed to appease it to get my default feeling back. The reality was that I was always the hostage and the craving was actually the nicotine monsters tantrum. I wasn't feeling bad because I was without it, I was feeling bad because I was being made to feel bad so that I would quickly take a hit to feel normal again. Nicotine didn't make me feel better, the lack of it made me feel worse until it was out of my system and it became a mental battle.
Change your habits and routines. Re-arrange a room at home, change the order you do things in during the day, take up a hobby, sort out your fridge and pantry. Make big changes in other areas. Change your surroundings and routines any way you can. It goes a long way. Quitting is a bigger change than you think but also not as difficult. All the other changes will make this one less noticeable. Develop new habits and routines. Put yourself in situations that you can't avoid like stairs instead of elevators, or walking to the shop instead of driving. Making some things harder for you in other areas will make it easier for you.
Drink water. I never drank water. Ever. I started drinking it a lot when I felt like smoking until I was full. It helped a lot. I also started to exercise which I absoutely loathed but if you puff yourself out, you delay a smoke. Develop new habits one step at a time.
Throw out your smokes. If you want to quit then do it. You are either a smoker or a non-smoker, there is no inbetween. Don't keep them around. Make it harder for yourself to have one. There is no such thing as trying to quit. You are now a non smoker until you become a smoker again. Again, tying back into your saving goal and self gifts. Go online and look at the things you could buy instead of another packet of smokes.
Keep your hands busy. Get something to play with for when you are sitting around. If that means taking up a hobby then do it. If it means getting a fidget spinner, then do it. Keep your hands busy. I bought a deck of cards and started learning cardistry just to keep both my hands busy. I had no interest in it initially but doing things I had never done before became a part of the process. I started building models which I never done since I was a kid. I started doing sit ups. I started doing all kinds of things just to keep busy and then found things I liked doing. This all ties into the habit and routine changes and I can't emphasise that enough. Quitting is far more mental than physical. You will feel that you physically need a smoke, but you don't. Keep your hands busy and change your routines and habits.
Everyone can quit. A lot of this is common sense stuff and I know reading it from someone else is more of the... yeah, I know but..
But nothing. I never thought I would quit but I did. I heard that all the time too but I didn't care and to be honest, it really annoyed me when I heard people say it as it may annoy you right now. Doesn't mean it's not true. There is not a single person on the planet that can't quit. You just don't realise how easy it is if you change your thinking towards it. You know all you need to know already, you have just accepted some things as normal when they're not.
You know you can die but still smoke. You spend a tonne of money on them but don't care. You are doing something to yourself that you would not wish upon your loved ones, but don't care. You wash your clothes, bathe and shower, brush your teeth and then immediately negate all of it by making yourself like an ashtray. Again, you don't notice it because you always stink.
Some of you may even approach strangers asking for a smoke. The more desperate may have found themsleves scavenging the ground or looking through ashtrays for a butt when you have run out of smokes. You do things you wouldn't normally do, think things you wouldn't normally think and you have accepted things that you know are unacceptable. It's insane. Don't put it on a pedastal like it's one of those things you want to do but think is too hard. It really isn't.
I don't miss it. I loathe it. The smell makes me feel sick. The insane amount of money I wasted makes me feel sick. I couldn't care less about the health side of things but yes, you will look and feel better too. You're here because you want to quit and I'm here because I am the last person on the planet anyone expected to quit and I did it alone and cold turkey and it was easier than ever before. I didn't go into it all that differently, but once I started, something in my head just clicked and I realised I could do it and I already know I will never smoke again. I know that 100% and would place my life on it.
I've probably forgotten a lot of important things, but I will continue to add if they come up. Feel free to ask any questions if you're having a tough time. I won't say good luck as even the unluckiest person in the world can quit.
If you have been thinking about quitting, came here and read all of this in one sitting, then you have most likely already had one less smoke than you would have had. Not that hard is it? Don't go and have one now as there are more stories for you to read. If you've gone 5 days already, then those are the hardest 5 days you will go through even if it doesn't seem like it and as I said earlier, the harder it gets and the more you crave it, the closer you are to being free from it. You are almost there.
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2020.01.20 02:25 madbit91 How do I heal myself from this?

Hello, this is quite a lengthy post and thanks in advance for anyone who can read and offer advice. I recently left my partner after things got so bad. I feel like the past year and 6 months has all been a lie, hes made me question what is real and not because of his continuous lying & general not giving a fuck behavior.
The thing is, I knew when I got with him he was a gambling and coke addict. I could (or so i thought) see him working at those things especially in the beginning though, and as he led me to believe, so I thought we could work things out. When he gambled, i would bail him out time and time again (worth noting his mother also totally enables him by lendjng him cash every month, which meant every month when he got paid it would be a vicious cycle of being paid, paying part of the debts from month before, not having enough for the next month and then borrowing more money, and the cycle continued). He in our whole year and a half took me out for a date once. We were stuck inside the house most of the time because if we went out I would need to pay for it and add it to his never ending list of debt to me. I’ve written off around £3500 worth of debt that he owes me.
We are both quite fiery people, expecially where alcohol is involved. I tend to get quite loud and shouty, whilst he has progressively become more physical. Which has meant ive retaliated at times and got physical back - just need to point out he gets physical and leaves marks / bruises. If i hit him back its nothing on him and just encourages him more to hurt me more.
One day he and I stayed up drinking all night (i was off work the next day). He got cocaine and even when I had went to bed he stayed up taking it and watching tv.... the next day he wouldnt wake up for his alarm, he was already on a last warning from work about not turning up for work and phoning in sick, if he lost this job (which I helped him get!) then i would be the one saving his ass and paying the fucking bills again. So i shouted at him to get up or phone his boss to explain he wont be in - he turned to me and grabbed me by the neck and choked me against the bed and told me to shut the fuck up. When he got off me i slapped his arm and said what the fuck are you fucking doing. He then turned and did it again.
I have had to phone the police one time because he accused me of meeting someone on tinder when I was actually sat in my big sisters house. When i got home and confronted him about it things escalated horrifically i thought he was going to kill me. I phoned the police and he ran in and grabbed my phone off me and threw it out the 3rd story window. I had to get that phone repaired. He then did a similar thing recently on new years even which meant I had to have it repaired again - £200 down the drain, but he doesnt fucking care! His mum saw the bruises and asked me about them but didnt say a thing to him.
Hes been in and out of court/jail for drugs. Problem is when hes not acting like an absoute lunatic he is the loveliest person, but its so up and down and short lived, i know the next drama or problem is just around the corner. In these past 6 months he has - stole money from me (around 350) - gambled all of his earnings twice - got into cocaine debt with a dodgy dealer - physically and emotionally abused me - spat on my face - financially took total advantage of me (this time round he owes me around £1600 that im not writing off) - has never bought a single thing for our home, always expects me to do it
Why the fuck do i still love him?? Why can i not stop thinking about someone who treats me like this? Why am I only ever remembering the times when he was sweet and lovely?
Now from my side, im not perfect. I have quite bad paranoia and can have a sharp tongue (i can say nasty things when i have my back up and defensive) mix that with the fact he has a tendency to bareface lie and cover his tracks every time he does something wrong, it has made me not trust him (and made me really put my guard up with others) at all. My paranoia these past months have been in over drive that I had convinced myself he has been cheating (we actually met years ago at work and had an affair whilst he had a pregnant girlfriend at home, which I didn’t realise at the time because he failed to mention it!). This isnt the first relationship that I’ve been paranoid about cheating though, and is something I really need to work on with a therapist.
Ive felt myself going insane and not being myself, to the point where ive also lashed out and did some crazy things (such as phoning his work friends when he refused to come home to me and his son and i tried to convince them to try and get him to come home, of course, they all just thought i was nuts though). I could feel myself going insane which now im out of it i realise I had over reacted cause I was caught up in this mental life and bubble that he had created.
Anyway ive left, i have left alot of our furniture (that we said we would split the cost for but as usual I paid for it and he is still paying me back), im tempted to go back and get it all and leave him in the empty den of a home that he hasnt bothered to create. Is that petty? He still owes me money and im worried if i do that now he wont give me any of my money.
All in all, does this sound like im dealing with someone who is out and out an abusive horrible person, or does it sound like the product of addiction? Was i also abusive by wanting him to get his shit together and prioritise the important things(his son, me, his family and his financial commitments!)? And by being paranoid, was this also abusive on my side!
How do i personally just move past it, what really helped you guys? Has anyone else suffered this sort of paranoia/anxiety. How do i learn to trust again.
Sorry laying all cards on the table here im just desperate to stop thinking about him and get my life back!
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2018.04.21 15:01 Kate_93 Bridal store window shopping and trying on gowns without intention to purchase that day.

I recently got engaged to my long term partner. We are planning a wedding for next October. We are in the very early stages of planning but I have already seen a gown I have absoutely fallen in love with on David's bridals website. Mom wants to take me to try on some stuff later this month.
Can I go try on dresses with no intentions of making a purchase that day? Will the store be mad?
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2018.03.19 23:01 GavinJ1899 WWE: Dawn of the Authority (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2013 to Royal Rumble 2014)

I'm so excited to post this part of the story. Usually, I don't write out the matches but I feel like it would be a disservice to not write out the Royal Rumble. It won't be a grand move-by-move match, but I will write out every entrant, every big twist, every elimination, and all the nitty gritty. Just as a warning, this is an EXTREMELY LONG POST (over 31,000 characters)! So if you're into that, this shit is for you. So without further delay, hope y'all enjoy!
Part One: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/83x42t/wwe_dawn_of_the_authority_summerslam_2013_to/
Part Two: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/846wyt/wwe_dawn_of_the_authority_night_of_champions_2013/
Part Three: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/84ir83/wwe_dawn_of_the_authority_battleground_2013_to/
Part Four: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/84r8cd/wwe_dawn_of_the_authority_hell_in_a_cell_2013_to/
Part Five: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/858i6n/wwe_dawn_of_the_authority_survivor_series_2013_to/
Part Six: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/85c5xd/wwe_dawn_of_the_authority_tables_ladders_and/
Entrant One: Seth Rollins
Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta. The Architect of The Shield makes his way down to the ring with laser-sharp determination in his eyes. He's a former WWE Tag Team Champion, but tonight; he wants to add a WWE World Heavyweight Championship to that resume.
Entrant Two: Luke Harper
Out comes one-fifth of The Wyatt Family. Harper has a different look, a different mindset, and a different existence than Seth Rollins; but both men share one common dream---main eventing The Grandest Stage of Them All.
The two men that were allies at Survivor Series forget their past allegiances and slug it out in the ring. Harper utilizes his rough-and-tough brawling style while Rollins counters it with his speed and technical ability. With neither man gaining a clear advantage over the other, the clock runs down for the third entrant.
Entrant Three: Fandango (w/ Summer Rae)
The new running mate of The Miz makes his way down to the ring with Summer Rae by his side; cheering him on. The crowd sing his theme song in support of the Ballroom Bralwer, but Fandango pays no mind to them as he goes to work on Luke Harper. Seth Rollins joins him, and the two men form a brief alliance against Harper. It's very short-lived as Rollins tries to throw Fandango over, but 'Dango hangs on. Harper recovers as both men slug it out and takes them both out with a single dropkick: one leg hitting Fandango and one leg hitting Seth Rollins. Harper stands dominant as the clock runs down for the fouth entrant.
Entrant Four: Christian
Captain Charisma sprints down as he views this match as his ticket for "one more match" in the main event of WrestleMania! Christian cuts down Luke Harper like a tree in the woods and focuses his attention on Seth Rollins. There's no love lost between the two from Christian's past battles with The Shield back in mid-2013. Fandango comes from behind and takes it to Christian, but Christian hits him with the Killswitch! Christian tosses the unfortunate competitor out of the ring; much to Summer Rae's chagrin, for the first elimination of the night as entrant #5 is about to make his way down to the ring.
Fandango has been eliminated by Christian
Entrant Five: Erick Rowan
The second member of The Wyatt Family comes down to the ring with his sheep mask on. He rips it off at the end of the entrance ramp and proceeds to violently target Christian while his preferred running mate in The Wyatt Family, Luke Harper, targets Seth Rollins. The Wyatts rule the Rumble as Christian and Rollins can only use their resilience to hang on to their WrestleMania dream as the clock ticks down for entrant six.
Entrant Six: Goldust
The Bizarre One is facing mixed emotions as he makes his way to the ring. Despite losing his rematch clause alongside Cody Rhodes for the WWE Tag Team Championships, winning the Royal Rumble would more than make up for that L. Goldust targets Erick Rowan, but Rowan is quickly backed up by his tag team partner. The two begin to double team Goldust until Rollins and Christian attack The Wyatt boys. The very odd tandem decide to put all hostilities behind them in the common goal of eliminating the threat posed by The Wyatt Family. As Christian and Goldust stomp away on Harper and Rollins stomps away on Rowan, the clock ticks down for the number seven entrant.
Entrant Seven: Alexander Rusev (w/ Lana)
It seems as if Paige is not the only NXT debutee in attendance tonight. The absolute beast of an athlete known as Alexander Rusev marches down to the ring alongside his business manager, Lana. They stop at the mouth of the ramp so Lana can yell for Rusev to CRUUUUUUSH! The Super Athlete obeys and slides in the ring to make mince-meat out of the three men standing. He headbutts Goldust, clotheslines Christian out of his boots, and slams Seth Rollins down with authority. The crowd is in awe as Alexander Rusev makes the most of his debut to absolutely dominate this portion of the Rumble. With the scene not changing one bit; the clock runs down to bring out entrant eight.
Entrant Eight: Damien Sandow
The Intellectual Savior of the Masses slowly makes his way out; but the pink-tighted scholar is not rushing to compete but is itching to issue a sermon to the Philidelphia people. As he slowly walks down to the ring, clearly avoiding the onsalught of Rusev, Sandow runs down the "slovenly and pitiful state of affairs that is known as Philadelphia." He circles the ring and promises to not only win the Royal Rumble, but to be an example of how to win a war with wits and not (pointing at Rusev) foolish braun. Sandow drops the mic but does not enter the ring as the clock counts down for entrant nine.
Entrant Nine: Kofi Kingston (w/ Xavier Woods)
As a complete opposite to the hesitant Damien Sandow, Kofi Kingston rushes down to the ring with his protege by his side. He slides in and uses his speed to unbalance Rusev and lay some offense onto him. While Kofi goes after the NXT Superstar, the other competitors are fighting amongst themselves while Sandow still refuses to join the spectacle. Without anything of particular note occuring, the clock runs down for entrant ten.
Entrant Ten: Dean Ambrose
We hear The Shield's intro for a second time as the unbalanced United States Champion makes his way down to the ring. We've all heard his promises to become a double champion at Wrestlemania and to make sure The Shield stomped out every bit of injustice in the WWE. While that's not for certain, what is certain is that Ambrose immediately comes to the aid of Seth Rollins as Goldust is looking to exact some Rhodes Family revenge with an elimination over him. Much like Harper and Rowan, Ambrose and Rollins use their vast array of superior teamwork to level out the competition and stake out a niche for dominance in the Rumble...except when it comes to Alexander Rusev. No tag team is able to outfight the brute, so when it seems that Rusev is getting the better of Ambrose and Rollins; Goldust and Kofi Kingston actually AID The Shield against the Brute. All four men throw Rusev over the top rope...but he still hangs on! It takes a Trouble in Paradise by Kofi to send Rusev off the apron and down to the floor just in time for entrant eleven's arrival.
Alexander Rusev has been eliminated by Kofi Kingston, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Goldust
Entrant Eleven: Big E. Langston
A man who is on a meteoric rise in the WWE as Intercontinental Champion rushes down to the ring to lay the beatdown on any sorry son of a gun left standing. Langston bulldozes through The Shield, tosses Christian like a sack of potatoes, and grabs Kofi by the scruff and tosses him onto the apron to eliminate him. Just as Big E knocks Kofi off the apron, the Dreadlocked Dynamo does not simply fall to the floor. No, he lands on the barricade like Spiderman! Kofi pulls himself to stand on the barricade and makes a decision. He actually walks the guardrail like a tightrope to gain some distance from the ring, but Rusev trips Kofi before he can try to save himself. The crowd boo Rusev robbing Kofi of his moment but Alexander Rusev has no cares in the world about what the people think. All he can think about is causing the full elimination for Kofi as his feet touch the floor and locking him in the Accolade on the outside floor.
Kofi Kingston has been eliminated by Big E. Langston and Alexander Rusev
Xavier Woods comes to help his mentor, but Lana plays a slight distraction that allows Rusev to nail Woods with a huge savate kick. After relishing in his destruction, The Bulgarian Brute and Lana take their leave while the action continues in the ring for entrant twelve to join.
Entrant Twelve: Kane
Broken Out in Love plays for the third time tonight as "Sister Abigail's Demon" makes his imposing way down to the ring. He backs up Rowan and Harper as all the fun and games for everyone in the match are officially over. Two is enough to handle for all the participants in the match, but three is just too much for a few as Christian is tossed out by the three.
Christian is eliminated by Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, and Kane
Damien Sandow stays near the announce desk to avoid the mounting carnage, but Kane directs Luke Harper and Erick Rowan to roll out of the ring to meet him halfway. The backwoods bruisers surround Sandow and throw him in the ring to teach him a lesson he was not willing to enroll in. One Wyatt beatdown later and Damien Sandow is on the outside once again---this time by going over the top rope with both feet touching the floor.
Damien Sandow is eliminated by Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, and Kane
With two men's Wrestlemania dreams shattered by three leviathans fixated on chaos and destruction, there seems to be no way to contain the threat they pose. No eliminations happen before the next entry, but The Wyatt Family is firmly in control of the match as the countdown ends for entrant thirteen's arrival.
Entrant Thirteen: Kevin Nash
The crowd comes UNGLUED as the former WWE (then WWF) Champion makes his way to the ring. The seven foot "Big Daddy Cool" steps in the ring and TAKES it to The Wyatt Family! Big boot to Harper, big boot to Rowan, big boot to Kane! The Wyatts are scrambling as Nash makes his presence known. Nash continues to contain the monsters until he signals for a Jackknife Powerbomb onto Kane. The delay caused by Nash pondering to crowd allows Erick Rowan and Luke Harper to nail Nash from behind. The three begin to mug the man formerly known as Diesel and power him over the top rope for their third elimination.
Kevin Nash is eliminated by Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, and Kane
A familiar scene returns as The Wyatt Family remains unopposed. As most of the other competitors are down and out, Harper and Rowan target Seth Rollins and Kane targets Dean Ambrose as the countdown signals number fourteen to arrive.
Entrant Fourteen: Roman Reigns
The third member of The Shield rushes down to the ring and pulls each Wyatt Family member off his Shield brothers. Reigns helps Rollins and Ambrose to their feet. The Shield squares up to The Wyatt Family in a huge staredown as the crowd loses their collective minds. The six engage in an all-out brawl that stops any other fights going on in the ring. Reigns tees off on Rowan, Rollins and Harper exchange blows, and Ambrose and Kane go at it. The Shield get the upper hand of their war leading to Reigns clotheslining Erick Rowan out of the ring for the first Wyatt elimination of the night!
Erick Rowan is eliminated by Roman Reigns
The crowd pops big for Roman's huge elimination, but Big E. Langston and Goldust rejoin the battle to make it a somewhat even Royal Rumble again as the clock ticks down for entrant fifteen.
Entrant Fifteen: Cody Rhodes
The other half of the Rhodes Brothers runs down to the ring to help his half-brother in the ring. Cody Rhodes is a house of fire as he fires at all cylinders at every man in the ring and establishes himself as a one man wrecking crew with Disaster Kicks and Cross Rhodes' for all that get in Cody's path. With Goldust being the last man standing at the moment, it's teased that Cody and Goldust will go at it...but entrant sixteen stops that dream clash before it can happen.
Entrant Sixteen: Darren Young
One half of the Primetime Players comes down to the ring. He gets a little bit of offense in, but he is smacked down by a superman punch by Roman Reigns who throws Mr. No Days Off out of the match.
Darren Young is eliminated by Roman Reigns
The Shield are able to use their numbers to overwhelm the Rhodes Brothers while Luke Harper and Kane targets Big E. Langston on the other side of the ring as it seems that the two factions have agreed to stay in their own lane. As the heels dominate, number seventeen is counted down.
Entrant Seventeen: Curtis Axel
One half of RybAxel and one of Paul Heyman's clients, Curtis Axel, sprints down to the ring...without his manager. Peculiar. Axel gets some shots on Rollins and Ambrose, but Reigns cuts him down and throws him out of the ring just like Darren Young.
Curtis Axel is eliminated by Roman Reigns
The brief distraction by Curtis Axel gives Cody Rhodes and Goldust the opportunity to strike back against The Shield. They drop Reigns together and go after Rollins and Ambrose seperately. Rhodes drops Ambrose and runs to his brother to help eliminate Rollins, but Rollins pulls Goldust in Cody's path and causing his unfortunate elimination.
Goldust is eliminated by Cody Rhodes
Cody is in shock about what he just did until Rollins is able to jump him from behind. Rollins tries to eliminate Cody, but he hangs in strong. Cody skins the cat to eliminate Rollins, but The Shield come in for the save and work in unison to eliminate The Son of the Son of a Plumber.
Cody Rhodes is eliminated by Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose
The Shield relishes in the boos they recieve as the clock counts down to release entrant eighteen.
Entrant Eighteen: Sheamus
The Celtic Warrior makes his return after five months of being inactive due to injury! He comes in UNLEASHED and makes quick work of The Shield with thunderous battering ram shots. The Wyatt Family turn away from Big E. Langston to target Sheamus, but Sheamus goes through them as well. The crowd is electric as the former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion runs over all of the competition. He continues to dominate Dean Ambrose in particular as the clock runs down for entrant nineteen's arrival.
Entrant Nineteen: Antonio Cesaro
One half of the WWE Tag Team Champions is led down by Zeb Colter. Cesaro rushes down and unleashes uppercut hell on all those who foolishly decide to target him. From there, he does a shoot takedown on Sheamus and signals for the Cesaro Swing. After a few rotations, Seth Rollins breaks it up but Cesaro takes Rollins down for a Cesaro Swing of his own. Cody Rhodes and Dean Ambrose also find themselves on the wrong end of Cesaro's onslaught. The brawling in the ring intensifies for the arrival of number twenty.
Entrant Twenty: John Cena
The 14 time world champion sprints down to the ring to a thunderous mixed reaction and lays the smackdown on everyone in the ring. Big E. Langston in particular goes after Cena, but Cena lifts him up onto his shoulders and delivers an AA over the top rope to eliminate the Intercontinental Champion.
Big E. Langston is eliminated by John Cena
Kane and Luke Harper decide to double-team Cena to initially stall his momentum, Cena is able to fight out of it and throws the number two entrant out of the Rumble!
Luke Harper is eliminated by John Cena
John Cena is on a roll with two eliminations already under his belt. The other competitors see this and EVERYONE targets Cena and stomps him down. Afterwards, they brawl amongst themselves like they were before as the clock runs down for entrant twenty-one.
Entrant Twenty One: Daniel Bryan
Despite being a "heel", Daniel Bryan is embraced with a THUNDEROUS reaction by the WWE faithful. He joins his Wyatt Family brother Kane in taking it to the competition with devastating kicks and strikes. They even break out some old Team Hell No offense; much to the admiration of the crowd. The crowd continues to will Daniel Bryan on and he looks to them with a look in his eyes that comes close to the Daniel Bryan of old...the Daniel Bryan that we have come to know and love, but Kane snaps Bryan out of it and the two continue their work as the clock counts down for entrant twenty two.
Entrant Twenty Two: Triple H
The crowd rings out with a huge mixed reaction as half the fans despise the villianous COO of the company but the other half can't help but respect everything that he's done over his illustrious career. The cocky and self-absorbed 13 time world champion makes his way to the ring as all eyes turn to him. He enters the ring, but just as quickly as he enters, HE'S CLOTHESLINED OVER THE TOP ROPE BY DANIEL BRYAN AND ELIMINATED FROM THE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH IN BARELY A SECOND!!!!!
Triple H is eliminated by Daniel Bryan
The Game is in SHOCK at ringside as the crowd erupts in applause as Daniel Bryan just stares a hole through Triple H. HHH argues with the referees to let him back in but an elimination is an elimination. HHH is seething in anger and he's forced to walk to the back while the Royal Rumble madness continues in the ring. The next couple of entrants enter without incident, so I'll just list them until the next huge entrant.
Entrant Twenty Three: Ryback
Entrant Twenty Four: The Big Show
Entrant Twenty Five: Alberto Del Rio
Entrant Twenty Six: Jack Swagger
Entrant Twenty Seven: The Miz
With the bodies piling in the ring, the action begins to become as hard to follow as a multi-car crash at a NASCAR event. Bodies are punching, kicking, and scraping all for the chance to headline the greatest pro wrestling event of all time. The clock counts down as number twenty eight is ready to join the chaos.
Entrant Twenty Eight: Bray Wyatt
Speaking of chaos, who better to dish it out than The Eater of Worlds himself? Bray Wyatt enters the ring with his sadistic charm radiating from his pores and he annihilates everyone who stands in his path. He joins his Wyatt Family brothers as they carry out his dirty work. Bodies go flying in their wake. Once again, they come face to face with The Shield. Bray Wyatt attempts to gain their union to destroy everyone else in the match but they attack The Wyatt Family. This time, Bray Wyatt's disciples are able to turn the tide of the battle and they begin going to work on The Shield. Roman Reigns is taken down, next is Dean Ambrose. The Luncatic Fringe fights valiently but all three members in the ring hoist him over the top rope and eliminate the United States Champion.
Dean Ambrose is eliminated by Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, and Kane
Seth Rollins comes to avenge his fallen brother but meets a similar fate to him and his 40+ minute run in the Royal Rumble concludes.
Seth Rollins is eliminated by Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, and Kane
As the bodies begin to pile up and the casualties begin to increase; the Royal Rumble once again falls into the hands of the unbeatable and relentless Wyatt boys. As number twenty nine is about to come out, Bray Wyatt challenges them to make their presence known.
Entrant Twenty Nine: Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman)
HE'S BACK!!!! The Beast Incarnate makes his presence known in Philly alongside his manager, Paul Heyman (explaining why he didn't accompany Curtis Axel or Ryback to the ring). Lesnar lays waste to EVERYONE in his path with vicious strikes, suplexes, and slams that personify exactly how he's kept a stranglehold over the WWE for so long. Pretty soon, the Royal Rumble ring is forcefully terraformed into Brock Lesnar's graveyard of bodies that tried to go toe-to-toe with him. He bounces dominantly and relishes the pain and anguish suffered at his hands. As the counter goes down to zero for the final entrant of the match, one can only speculate on who could possibly withstand Brock Lesnar's overwhelming offense. Who you ask? I'll tell you who...
Entrant Thirty: CM Punk
THE PHILLY CROWD HAVE LOST THEIR ABSOLUTE MINDS! The Second City Saint has returned!!! With his arms outstretched, CM Punk welcomes the raucous ovation from his hardcore fanbase as Brock Lesnar smirks in the ring and Paul Heyman's mouth is agape in shock! He thought that he ran CM Punk out of the WWE for good! Punk slides in the ring and exchanges blows with The Beast. Much like their Summerslam encounter, Punk struggles with Lesnar's offense but holds his own against The Beast. With all thirty men now in the ring, it has turned into an absolute brawl to determine who will face the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the main event of Wrestlemania! Everyone is going after everyone and it's absolutely chaotic! The Wyatt Family are taking it to John Cena, Ryback and Big Show are fighting, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar continue to trade blows, and in the wake of his brothers being eliminated; Roman Reigns turns into an elimination machine! He drops Jack Swagger and eliminates him, he eliminates Alberto Del Rio, and he eliminates The Miz within seconds on one another!!!
The Miz, Jack Swagger, and Alberto Del Rio are eliminated by Roman Reigns
Big Show and Ryback fight as Show throws Ryback onto the apron and WMD Punches him down to the floor below for the elimination!
Ryback is eliminated by The Big Show
Show relishes in his handiwork and starts hammering away on other Rumble participants. He goes to Roman Reigns and smacks him down. He picks Reigns back and asks him what he's got...which is answered in kind by a 400+ pound Samoan Drop!!! As Big Show gets back up to his feet, Reigns staggers him with a superman punch and sends him at the ropes to clothesline him over and eliminate the giant!
The Big Show is eliminated by Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns is on EIGHT eliminations tonight and he looks UNSTOPPABLE! We have approximately nine men left in the Rumble match: Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Bray Wyatt, Antonio Cesaro, Sheamus, John Cena, and Roman Reigns. It's anyone's match to win at this point. John Cena is sooooo close to being eliminated by Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, and Kane; but Cena finds a way to power out of his predictament and take the fight back to The Wyatt Family! Cena throws right hands at every turn and begins issuing AA's like it's nobody's business: one to Bryan, one to Wyatt, one to Cesaro, one to Sheamus, one to Kane, one to Punk, one to Reigns, and even one to Lesnar! John Cena is ON FIRE and is the only man left standing when the lights go out and....
When the lights come back on, Cena has been laid out as everyone else is getting back up to their feet. The crowd are chanting "UNDERTAKER" while the chaos has been momentarily quelled with a sirene peace of bodies littered all around the ring. This doesn't last long, and the usual chaos resumes. Reigns grabs an unconscious Cena and chucks him over the top rope for his NINTH elimination.
John Cena is eliminated by Roman Reigns
The crowd collectively cheer Roman Reigns as he has eliminated one of the most polarizing figures in the last decade of WWE. Reigns turns around to spot an incoming Brogue Kick by Sheamus, but Reigns dodges; catching Sheamus' leg on the rope. Reigns takes advantage and vaults the Celtic Warrior over the top rope for ELIMINATION NUMBER TEN!
Sheamus has been eliminated by Roman Reigns
The crowd continues to get behind The Big Dog and his utter dominance in this Royal Rumble. Reigns begins to attack Antonio Cesaro and the two brawlers go on a huge fighting spree. Despite Cesaro giving Reigns a run for his money, Reigns is able to overcome his offense and chuck Cesaro over the top rope for ELEVEN ELIMINATIONS! ROMAN REIGNS HAS TIED KANE'S RECORD FOR THE MOST ROYAL RUMBLE ELIMINATIONS!!!
Antonio Cesaro is eliminated by Roman Reigns
There are six men left: Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Kane, and Bray Wyatt. The Wyatt Family triple teams Brock Lesnar to quell The Beast's explosive offense while CM Punk and Roman Reigns trade blows. Despite Brock's best efforts, he is unable to escape The Wyatt Family as they begin to use their finishers on him. Kane drops Lesnar with a Chokeslam, Wyatt picks him up for Sister Abigail, and he points at Daniel Bryan. He tells Bryan to knee Lesnar's head off. Bryan goes into the corner and seethes in anger...but his anger turns into determination and he starts doing something....he lifts both arms up with his pointer fingers up.....YES......YES....YES...YES...Bray Wyatt and Kane are confused as they lift Lesnar up for his death knell blow and as Bryan starts running, HE SHIFTS DIRECTIONS AND NAILS BRAY WYATT IN THE FACE! Kane looks at Daniel Bryan in absolute shock and charges at Bryan, but Bryan steps back and uses Kane's own momentum to allow Sister Abigail's Demon to go over the top rope and hit the floor!!!
Kane is eliminated by Daniel Bryan
Kane immediately gets on the apron by Bryan dropkicks him down to the floor and rips off his Wyatt Family get-up to reveal his old attire. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan rush to Kane's aid, but before they can do anything, Bryan takes all three men out with a suicide dive as the crowd goes ape shit for Bryan's return to heroism. Bryan climbs back onto the top rope and takes Bray Wyatt out with the missile dropkick. Wyatt rolls back and gets on his knees to eat several kicks to the chest and one to the head. As Bray uses the ropes to get back up, Bryan leads a huge Yes chant and eliminates Bray Wyatt with a huge running knee; sending Bray over the top rope and out to the floor.
Bray Wyatt is eliminated by Daniel Bryan
It's down to four: Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and Roman Reigns. Bryan begins to attack Roman Reigns while CM Punk and Brock Lesnar begin to trade blows once again. Lesnar drops Punk with a German Suplex and does the same to Bryan and Reigns. Lesnar bounces in the ring and lifts Punk for the F5, but Punk escapes and pushes Lesnar into the ropes and does a rope-assisted Shining Wizard to Lesnar---staggering The Beast! Punk steps back and does it again....and again....and again! Lesnar is absolutely wobbly, and Punk puts Lesnar onto his shoulders for a huge Go To Sleep! Lesnar begins to fall over the top rope and Punk helps push him down and eliminates The Beast!
Brock Lesnar is eliminated by CM Punk
Lesnar is out! Lesnar is out! Lesnar is out! Paul Heyman rushes to the side of his client and screams profusely at CM Punk as Punk mocks them and waves goodbye. He turns his attention to Bryan and Reigns, but Lesnar gets back up to his feet and is furious. He slides back into the ring and DRILLS CM Punk with the F5! Roman Reigns turns to get Lesnar, but he eats one too. Lesnar grabs Bryan for equal measure and delivers the F5 onto him! Lesnar isn't nearly done as he goes to ringside and grabs a chair and slides back in to HAMMER CM Punk with it. Chair shot after chair shot after chair shot to The Straight Edge Savior! Referees storm down to stop Lesnar, but that isn't happening. Lesnar shoves them aside and continues to hammer Punk to his jet black heart's content. Finally, after the chair is damn near broken, Lesnar throws it down and leaves the ring with Paul Heyman. This opens up a huge opportunity for Roman Reigns to pick up CM Punk and chuck him outside of the ring---giving him TWELVE ELIMINATIONS! ROMAN REIGNS HAS BROKEN KANE'S RECORD!!!
CM Punk is eliminated by Roman Reigns
It's all down to this: Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. The Juggernaut of The Shield and The Leader of the Yes Movement. The Beard vs The Hair. Both men get in each other's faces and talk insane trash before hammering away at one another. Their exchange goes so long that it feels like an actual match. Signature moves, counters, counters to counters; their showoff turns into a scientific game of human chess. There's a really cool sequence where Reigns jumps up to hit Bryan with the Superman Punch, but Bryan catches Reigns with the Yes Lock. Finally, as both men are on the apron and are teetering, Reigns nails punches on Bryan and Bryan nails kicks onto Reigns. Reigns nails a huge blow on Bryan---staggering him. He signals for a spear onto the apron, but Bryan counters by kneeing Reigns in the mouth. Reigns is stunned and Bryan finishes the juggernaut off by repeatedly headbutting him and landing one final kick onto Reigns to eliminate him.
Roman Reigns is eliminated by Daniel Bryan
The crowd goes absolutely electric as Daniel Bryan celebrates one of the biggest wins of his career with the WWE Universe. He leads 15,000 WWE fanatics in one of the BIGGEST Yes chants in WWE history. As Bryan celebrates with his people...
The unanimous praise turns into nuclear heat as a furious Triple H comes down with a mic. He asks the people if they're happy that he was humiliated tonight? YES! He asks the people if they're glad that Daniel Bryan is going to Wrestlemania? YES! He asks the people if they think that Daniel Bryan is going to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania? YES!!!! Triple H says that everyone is wrong because Daniel Bryan is NOT going to Wrestlemania and he WON'T win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship because THIS MATCH ISN'T OVER YET! Triple H rips his shirt off and charges towards the ring with rage in his eyes. Bryan eggs Triple H on but IS SUDDENLY NAILED FROM BEHIND BY........BATISTA!!!!! DAVE BATISTA IS HERE! WITH NO WARNING OR ADVERTISEMENT, BATISTA IS HERE AND HE IS STOMPING THE HELL OUT OF DANIEL BRYAN!!! Triple H grabs the referee by the scruff and demands that he re-ring the bell and does so. Batista is beating the hell out of Daniel Bryan as the crowd boos the absolute hell out of him. Batista yells at the crowd and tells them that a real man is going to go to Wrestlemania; not Daniel bleeping Bryan. He lifts Bryan up for a Batista Bomb, but Bryan nails him with huge fists and ESCAPES!!! DANIEL BRYAN IS KICKING THE HELL OUT OF BATISTA!!! He nails one to Batista's face and goes to the ropes to nail Batista with the Knee Plus, but Triple H is on the apron and grabs Bryan! Bryan punches Triple H in the mouth, but Batista catches Bryan from behind and ELIMINATES BRYAN! BATISTA HAS WON THE 2014 ROYAL RUMBLE!!!
Daniel Bryan is eliminated by Batista
Just like Summerslam, just like Night of Champions, just like Hell in a Cell; Daniel Bryan came MILLIMETERS from accomplishing his dream only to have it ripped right from under him by The Authority. Daniel Bryan is in utter shock as Triple H goes in the ring to celebrate with Batista. The crowd pelts them with absoute fury and Batista soaks every bit of their hatred in. As Bryan is on his knees in anguish; the only question left to ask is where does he go from here?
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2017.10.31 11:29 melabethfasth I want to learn more tricks!

Hi! I (19f) am curious absout what all you people with penises likes in bed?
Bavkstory: im a pansexuall woman who until this summer never had sex with someone with a penis, only vulvas. I hade some one night stands that changed that and that was fun but then i fell inte love with one of the one night stands and a few months later: here we are. I know he loves when I go down on him and i love doing it! But i want to be the best he will ever have, i want to be best at oral so what do you, people with penises of reddit, have that you love when your partner does?
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2016.07.21 14:51 KanariaRose I just ran Kotl + LC for the first time, and it was one of the most disgusting lanes i've ever played

The zoning potential and survivibality is absoutly insane, i'm not sure why i haven't thought of doing it before. Completely zoned the enemy offlaner(who to be fair, was a squshy AM(3k mmr is strange).
I've been playing kotl more and more lately, who are some of your favourite partners to have in lane with him?( assume hes fair with wraith king, forces them to stand still/keeps him flush with precious mana)
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2016.01.24 09:30 Booperella how may affair ended (badly) also, (really long story, sorry)

Around mid october my SO of four years and I got into a huge fight, honestly dont remember what it was about, either something about the house or money, but anyway, he got mad enough to tell me to leave and said he didnt want to be together anymore.. fair enough, so thats what I did.
Now, theres this guy that has always been more of an acquaintance than anything really, but about, I wanna say maybe 6mos before this fight with ny SO this other guy admitted to me through text that he has a huge crush on me. I politely declined, saying he was certainly my type but, as he already knew, I was spoken for.
So anyway, after said fight with SO, Im back at my parents house, lonely, depressed, my 4 year relationship just ended so I was feeling how most people would typically feel while going through something like that. Naturally, I remembered OG (other guy) and hit him up via FB.. This was about a week after my breakup..
Well it only took about another week and a few times hanging out and we were officially dating. OG was cool, chill, exactly my type, and we had alot in common. BUT, he was eerily similar to my ex. In personality, style, just damn near his twin personality wise, and even in looks (reallys hort, dark-skinned, goatee, stuff like that).. Well Ill admit this had me yearning for my ex. The breakup was fresh and I can definitely say I jumped into this new relationship waay too faast without giving myseld time to find closure. thaat was my first fuckup..
Two weeks later, Im still OG. One day Im walking to his house and to do so I had to pass my exes house (yes they lived in the same damn neighborhood) and while Im walking, my ex came out to get his mail. I never looked at him, I didnt make eye contact but I know he was staring dead at me the entire time..
So I go on ny way, hang out with OG for a bit and go home. Next day, I check my email and ex has sent me a message.. I dont have it anymore but basically he admitted that he fucked up and he still loved me and that when he saw ne walking he knew where I was heading (hed seen us together before post breakup) and that it killed him inside to know that I was with another man. He begged me to come back, and i acquiesced.
All i can say is, I had 4 years with this man, we talked about marriage, mids, the whole lot, and while shit ot nasty in that fight I never did want it to end, hes the one who asked me to leave and Ill admit that while I did genuinely like OG I thought dating him would help me move on. No I was wrong because I never stopped thinking about ex.
So I do the bitchiest thing possible and I dump OG. And to make matters worse, I actually did tell him it was to get back with ex.. So naturally he is pissed off, he feels betrayed, says to.never speak to him again. ok I deserve that and agree to never invade his life again. I go back with ex, everything in ny life is good again.
Until about a month ago.. Ex and i had been having some arguments again recenty and then one day as luck would have it I run into OG while grocery shopping one day.. Surprisingly, he came right up to me and said he had a new number and.begged me to take it and to call him saying he really missed me.. So I did.. because Im a shit and things were bad SO again tot he point where I thought another lets-breakup fight waa gonna happen..
Anyway, I called OG, told him Im still with SO and didnt really wanna leave. he said fine Ill wait for you, and wanted to be my sideguy.. Not gonna lie, that sounded highly appealing to me, so i agreed, and we secretly text for weeks and we met up twice in the last month..
( I just want to add something relevant here, OG has really bad performance anxiety and so we never actually had sex. we did try while we were dating but ultimately he was too excited/nervous because he had been wanting me for so long.. so even when we secretly met up we never had sex and the first time we met in ecret we just hung out and talked because it had been so long since we had seen one another)
The problems started the second time we met.. we agreed we would try to have sex.. now as mentioned this is the first time since reuiniting that we avtually tried to get physical/intimate... so im over his house and we start to kiss and i realze that... I feel nothing. absoutely nothing. So I stopped it and made up some bs that i suddenly felt.nauseous and that I had to go home to eat and rest or somethinf.. and then I start to avoid him. texting less, and doing ALOT of thinking.
During thia thinking I realized, Im a piece of shit. like really. My SO is an anazing man, despite our differences I am madly in lve with him, I want to marry him and after seeing how it felt like nothing to kiss OG i realized that SO is my true soulmate. Seriously, if we can just agree on financial and some home stuff (like how we want to raise our family, how to spend money, etc) we would be the perfect couple. I also am confident that these are issue that CAN be resolved between us 100%, and most inportantly I realize, I dont want to cheat. I dont want to be sneaky and slimy and a creep anymore. I just cant do it.
So like I said Ive been avoiding OG and of course he picks up on it right away.. I try to put ofd dunping him AGAIN because I know hes gonna.be sooooo devastated. But then things took another turn.. Im texting OG one night and starts talking about how hes gonna get his own place soon (currently has roommates) and then he asks me if I will leave SO and come move in with hin when he does.
I was shockes to say the least.. and of course it wasnt at all what I wanted so I declined but in a really pussy kind of way, i.e. Idk if it will work, we barely really know eachother etc etc things like that... THEN, after my many attempts at denial he texts, 'please, I love you'.. wtf, my jaw hit the floor.. I mean, I was beyond shockws, we dated like a month and now had only been talking for like two weeks, very sparsley at that because we were sneaking around..
I texted him back saying that no, it wasnt possible for him to love me because. he i.e., we, dont even know eachother like that and I basically just told him he needes to calm down, to which he said, 'your right Im sorry, I just said that because I really want you to be mine..'
Hod up, because that just sentence opened up a new can of worms for me. so I reply, 'so you basically just admitted that you dont mean it? why would you throw around something as serious as I love you?' and I said 'what d you think this is highschool and that telling me you love me is gonna make me want to run into your arms??'. I seriously lost alot of respect for him for doingg that and at that point I just broke down and admitted to him how I felt. I admitted how I had felt nothing when we kissed, that I wasnt in love him and basically just didnt have the same feelings for him that I did during the time that we dates (which was true) and I made it clear that i DID love my SO
Well, he was really pissed off, rightfully so I suppose. he was saying things like 'wtf again, are you serious, this is the second time youve done this to me'.. My reaponse was very amicable (IMO) I told him I was very very sorry and tha I knew it was a bitch move, but that I was just trying to be honest with him rather than keep it dragging on. Maybe I shouldnt have said this but I also brought up that he was partly to blame becaus I mean what did he expect trying to hookup with me while Im living with someone else, he agreed to be the sideguy, that alone made me think that he prob wasnt really serious about me.
But I also told him that he was a great guy and he didnt deserve this shit anyway, that he needs to find someone that can actually be in a healthy normal relationship with gim, i.e., not sneaking around, someone who is able to devote their time to him and be his actual partner. I tried my damndest to be as amicable and as gentle as possible I really did because I do care for this guy, I just dont have those deeps feelings for him that I do for my SO..
My tactics didnt go over too well though, he was super super pissed saying how I stomped on his heart and he couldnt believe I was 'pulling this shit right now' The very last text I received from him said, ' I really dont like you anymore and if I see you I prob wont say two words to you'. I never replied. that was about 3days ago and I havent ran into him yet either..
So yeah, so sorry a out the length, thats my story. Id love to hear any advice/feedback you want to give me. Do you think I should tell my SO? And lastly, you dont have to go easy on me but keep in mind that I DO realize Im a huge scumbag for going through with this whole tryst so yeah
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2015.09.25 02:37 Erainor My teaching partner could use some social studies ideas.

We teach in a very tough environment with juvenile delinquents between placements, so we usually have new kids every few months. I teach math, my one partner teaches social studies, the other does reading and writing.
Anyway, the kids absoutely seem to hate social studies and I was wondering if anyone has any tips for what they might be willing to do? We have very few resources, antiquated textbooks, and a school that seems to actively resist change. (One of the social workers types reports on an honest to god 1970s era typewriter).
On his behalf does teachers have any suggestions for how he can make the topic of social studies more palatable to urban thugs in training?
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2014.06.04 15:00 bunnysneezes Cry for help from worried girlfriend

Hello all,
My long term partner has been type 1 for the last 8 years. He is 28 years old and we live in the UK.
To begin with, when he first learned he had diabetes, he claims he was on a "self destruct mission" and so his blood sugars were always high.
For the last 3 years anyway we have been keeping them in check as best we can. He eats well (home cooked foods) literally never eats sugary foods unless he needs the sugar, takes his injections at suitable times, doesnt drink (basically does everything he should do!)
Problem is - his blood sugar levels are testing at 12-20 (UK) regularly when it should be resting between 4-6. Anything over 15 can cause tissue damage and his eyesight has already began to suffer.
His doctor and diabetic dieticians are absoutely useless and cannot explain this to us, they just assume he is telling lies and must be scoffing cakes at night when no one is looking.
My question is really if anyone has had the same problem for no reasons?? and how can we avoid this??
Also, any little tips anyone has for me to manage his levels would be most appreciated.
I am really needing advice from you guys - he wont reach out to others for help but his doctors are not advising anything he isnt already doing - i cant stand by and watch him get sick :(
Thank you very much for your time -
Concerned Girlfriend xx
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2013.05.01 18:19 giveitawaynowyea I've never felt pain like this - how can I go about healing something that ended over 5 years ago. (24 M 22 F)

I was with a girl when I was about 16 and we went out twice, both times for about 2 years with a few months of break up in between. She was absoutely the love of my life - we were amazing together, we lost our virginities to each other, we fell in love with music and art and each other in the deepest way I've ever experienced in my whole existence.
We keep in touch sometimes and it's so nice (for both of us) to talk to each other and be friends to a degree.
We've both had long term partners since then and we're both with other people now. Every now and then I hear from a mutual friend or see a picture posted somewhere (I don't have FB or anything but sometimes I'll see one when a friend is showing me something else on theirs) of her and another guy and I literally feel like killing myself. The pain is so unbearably real and it hurts like nothing else ever has. I've had people very close to me die and I didn't feel pain to that degree when I was carrying their coffin. This sounds dramatic even writing it but I don't know how I can keep having this type of agony inside me when we haven't been together for 5ish years.
I really don't know what to do. I keep contact minimal now, I don't have a social network where I may easily bump into picture or things she writes, I don't see her socially. I've been with my current partner for 3 years but I literally think about this girl every day - against my will. She's always in my mind and I try my best to stay busy, I work out 3 times a week, I play guitar which makes me happy (though lots of music makes me think of her, even if it was released recently.)
Am i completely fucked up? I feel like a piece of shit for being with an amazing girl now but thinking about this other girl. The sex was better with her when we were young, I was happier then and I'm really struggling with this more than ever. I can't keep feeling like this.
Oh, and she's moving to a further part of the country soon (read - I can't drive to her anymore even If i wasnted) which should be good I assume but Jesus Christ it feels like it'll tear me apart.
Please help me, I really feel more desperate and alone than I ever have before and I don't know where to go or how to cope with this...
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